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About us

Sam Kidger FMG CEO giving a speech

The Fmg mission

Connecting people and businesses worldwide

Connecting people and businesses worldwide has always been at the core of what we do. We own over 30 different companies across different niche markets and our primary purpose remains the same across all: bringing people and businesses together through transactions in niche industries across the globe. We do this in 4 divisions: Marketplaces, Recruitment, Web Services and Retail.

The Fmg Diversity

A wealth of knowledge

We are unique in that we are probably one of the most diverse organisation around. As a business with an international scope, we understand the power of diversity and location. Our diversified portfolio of companies make us experts in various industries. This, along with our varied team member skillset, allows us to create brilliant solutions for our clients and grow as a business.
FMG employee working in the headquarters office
FMG headquarters
FMG employees night out
FMG Members on a team night out
Design team members

The Fmg Culture

A big extended team

We genuinely believe that the people who work for FMG enjoy being here, not only because we’re a friendly bunch, but because we acknowledge how much time we all invest towards our working lives. That's why we offer our employees excellent benefits and incentives to drive a positive work-life balance. We don’t allow distance to disrupt our company mission, as our ethos and relaxed yet, focused attitude remains consistent throughout every office.

The Fmg History

The Friday-Ad paper

Friday Media Group as we know it today stemmed from our original flagship brand. ‘The Friday-Ad’ was born in 1975 when we launched the UK’s first free classified paper in Sussex. It came about after founders Chris and Liz Kidger needed to sell their car, but realised there was nowhere for them to advertise it. This inspired them to print a publication to bring buyers and sellers together in a simple, low-cost way.

With the growth of the Internet, our online platform launched in 1994 becoming one the UK’s leading classified website while maintaining the same core values. This online revolution initiated a new beginning and the birth of Friday Media Group, where we rapidly expanded into other niche markets and across the globe. FMG is always looking for new ways to help people and their businesses to grow in a world of every-changing technology. What will be next for FMG?
Sam Kidger as a kid holding a Friday-Ad paper
Friday-Ad original store

Join our team

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested in joining FMG or feel you would be a good fit, please get in touch or visit our careers page to view current opportunities

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