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HorseClicks attend the American Quarter Horse Congress 2019

Main image from the blog post

Drew Macke, HorseClicksVice President, visited The All American Quarter Horse Congress, which is held in Columbus, Ohio.

The All American Quarter Horse Congress is the world’s largest single-breed horse show which is held over 4 weeks in October and has over 25,000 entries. The Congress is hosted by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association, who HorseClicks have been delighted to work with as content partners to promote & support the event.

During the visit to the high profile event, Drew met many horse breeders, exhibitors, and equestrian associations which created a great opportunity to present HorseClicks along with our brand values and advertising products to lots of new clients. There was also a number of introductory meetings to discuss new business and partnership opportunities to grow HorseClicks further across the United States. Overall visiting the All American Quarter Horse Congress was a great experience, to meet and connect with equine brands, industry leaders and hundreds of equestrian enthusiasts.

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